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Steven is a Traveler, Motorhomer, and Web Designer.

Scotland’s NC500 – Week One

So this Spring we are have a 2 week trip around the famous Scottish North Coast 500 route. Jane had some work near Edinburgh for 1 week so we tagged this trip on the end of that. After a week on a camp site near Edinburgh we worked our way north to Inverness... Best time to [...]

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Travelling down to the Dordogne

Saturday 20th August 2016 - travelling in France after the Eurotunnel This is the start of our new 5 week motorhome holiday. After the EuroTunnel at 2.30pm we drove in France for about 4 hours to an aire on the coast at Saint Valery en Caux. We arrived a little late at 5pm but the aire was already [...]

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Motorhome Tyre pressure guide

I was advised early on in my motorhome ownership that there's 3 things I need to keep an eye on... 1 - The condition of the fresh water tank. 2 - My leisure battery. 3 - My tyres. (for most motorhomers there may be a 4th which is the wine stock!) When we collected our current [...]

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Keeping cool in summer in your motorhome or camper

Today (Tuesday 19th July 2016) is the hottest day of the year so far. Here in the east of England its been 30ºC outside and here in my garden office its 36.1ºC. HOT HOT HOT!!! Here at home its easy to keep cool with mains power. But whilst on the road with mostly 12v DC, how [...]

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Cleaning oxidised fibreglass panels on a motorhome

Motorhome's generally have their exterior panels either made of painted aluminium sheets or most newer motorhomes use fibreglass (aka glass-reinforced plastic - GRP, or glass-fiber reinforced plastic - GFRP. Our motorhome exterior panels are made of fibreglass. All the side panels are nice and shiny but the front panels consisting of the engine compartment and the curved area above [...]

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Greasing / lubricating an AL-KO rear chassis on a motorhome

Our Frankia motorhome is based on an AL-KO rear chassis which is bolted on to the the front of a Fiat Ducato commercial van chassis. This a very common setup for motorhomes. Ours was built in 2006 and the ALKO rear axles need to be lubricated every 20,000km (approx 12500 miles) or annually which ever comes [...]

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Motorhome Wifi – extending wifi from outside into your motorhome

I am a web designer with a background in IT and electronic engineering. I love the challenge of making or inventing little (and sometimes big) improvements to my motorhome. As a web designer I need regular internet access. We don't often stay on camp sites and often use FON or other free wifi connections. Often these [...]

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Replacing the gas struts on a Heki 2 roof light

The Heki roof light on the motorhome would not stay up very well and a bit of wind would blow it shut. I looked to remove the gas struts thinking they may have failed. Removing is easy. On the white frame there is a white rubber plug that hides the securing pin. The rubber plug is [...]

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How to install a SOG toilet to a motorhome

If you have a motorhome, caravan or campervan then you probably have a toilet on board where the waste goes into a cassette. The cassette normally contains a toilet fluid (often blue or green in colour) which is designed to break down the solids, and eliminate any bad smells. Some people use Bio washing liquid as [...]

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Refillable LPG Gas Adaptors

We recently fitted refillable LPG tanks to our motorhome. It's a great product and will quickly pay for itself. We spend most of our motorhome trips abroad so we also bought the set of LPG adaptors because different countries have different fitments. The EU has tried to standardise this but its hasn't been taken up very [...]

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