St Remy de Provence was recommended to us so we headed through there, it is a stunning little village with a little market and plenty of art studios to peruse.

Avignon was somewhere on my list – somewhere along the line I had it linked to Arthurian legend but can’t for the life of me remember why or how now.  It is well worth a visit though with it’s near perfect city wall and stunning architecture and a generally amiable atmostphere we did a quick 2 hour tour which included the tourist train.

Montpellier is a sprawling city with some major graffiti artwork which we bi-passed on our way to Sète & Cap d’Adge, both of which have beautiful long sandy beaches for a stopover and final swim in the Mediterranean before heading back towards the UK.

From there we headed for Carcassonne because everyone that has ever been there raves about it, and it is well worth the adoration.  Situated on a hill top it is a double walled city that dates back to Roman times and has been updated and maintained extremely well.  I also found a church on the Camino route with the Pyrennes in the background and is about as close as I’m going to get to the Road to Santiago on this visit as we’ve run out of time – I have plans to return in May though for the full experience!