We had a little lay in this morning on the Aire at Le Treport although Jane was up for her early morning view of the sunrise as usual. The question of where to go was a little restricted (in a good way) by our desire to meet up with Dave and his owners and after breakfast we received a phone call from Jason and Julie. Co-ordinates were exchanged and the sat nav started us on our way to meet up.




Dave together with Jason and Julie plus Charlie their dog have been on the road for 2 years and they return to the UK on Wednesday. We have been following their daily blogs for the past 6 months and it is their adventures that has inspired us and found us in our own motorhome and planning our own year long trip for next year.

After the sat nav tried to take us over a small narrow bridge and then down a road which was closed to motorhomes and having to reverse back up the road, we eventually found Dave hiding in a field along with a bunch of other motorhomes.

Having followed their lives day in day out Jane & I were ridiculously excited to meet them and our first sighting of Dave had us both jumping up and down in our seats, followed by a fit of giggles at how silly we are.

A few stories and experiences were exchanged before they had to leave. We wish them well in the next chapter of their lives and we don’t think it will be long before they are travelling again.

Read more about their adventures on their web site: www.ourtour.co.uk

Dave with Jason and Julie plus Charlie

Dave with Jason and Julie plus the adorably cute Charlie

In the afternoon we travelled slightly inland to find a small free Aire at St Nicolas De Bliquetuit. The Aire was right on the river Seine and opposite a beautiful French town. We were about to squeeze into one of the very narrow spaces when someone pointed to the area by the hedge, so Jane manoeuvred there and we went searching for water.  Unfortunately we were completely empty of fresh water and discovered that the water service at this Aire was not working. A fellow Dutch motorhome owner pointed us to the next Aire along the river at La Mailleraye Sur Seine and we arrived 15 mins later.  This is a larger aire with plenty of places left so Ellie has a lovely view over the Seine tonight and over half the other motorhomes are on UK plates!

Water was in plentiful supply so we filled up (for a small fee) and a lovely chap let us have extra when he had finished so Ellie’s water tank is full to the brim and we have refreshed the kitchen container aswell. Dinner and a walk around the stunning little village later and Jane is doing a little work and I’m writing the blog.

Using the WiFi antenna still isn’t working but the Europa SIM is doing a grand job of giving us internet access and sometime this week we’ll probably try out Skype aswell.

Have no idea where we are heading tomorrow so we’ll see what the day brings!

Added by Jane – I’m washing my hair in the morning which is my first time in a motorhome!  Sounds like an insignificant thing but with long hair and no hair dryer it could be interesting!

Ellie at  the Aire next to the Seine

Ellie at the Aire next to the Seine

Container transport French river style

Container transport French river style

A french barn in the town with flowers growing on the roof

A french barn in the town with flowers growing on the roof