Mesnieres En Bray is one of the most beautiful villages I have ever come across.  It was also helped by the stunningly beautiful morning which we woke up to.  A bright, sunny, clear, warm but slightly autumnal morning which made me feel great to be alive.  After brekky we went for a stroll around the village, finding a little public garden with the clearest pond ever, well kept footpaths and the most wonderful château which is now an Agricultural college I think.  Pictures will hardly give you the same experience but here are a few anyway…

I’m very glad the day started like that as from there on it went downhill.  Unfortunately beauty doesn’t always make up for tiredness and the first night in the van usually doesn’t give us the best night’s sleep so when things started to go wrong, neither of us had much patience.

Firstly SATNAV started playing up, somehow Steven’s phone got confused and lost any thought of it finding GPS.  On top of that his phone stopped being able to find any network so that was rather stressful.  On top of that when we pulled into a fuel station we managed to pull up at a lorry filling pump without noticing so when Steven pressed the button diesel spewed everywhere.  He cleaned it up, I paid the €8.80 we’d managed to spill and we moved to another pump!

I could go on about the trials and tribulations of the day but suffice to say by the time we arrived in Bourges we were tired, hungry and desperately trying not to kill each other.  It’s always good to walk these attitudes off so first thing we did was go for a walk and talked about the how we are going to do things differently (I just can’t help being a solution based, positive psychology freak in everything I do).  I think the excitement of doing this, the wanting to be there already and general tiredness, combined with failing technology just set us up for a day of hell.

Tomorrow is another day!