Today has been great, much more relaxed and lots more communication happening which is always helpful!

This morning started with a phone call to Steven’s mobile provider as his phone still wasn’t working.  We’d tried to get through last night but they were just too busy and being an hour ahead here has it’s uses.  Once again Google had come up trumps when I’d searched yesterday and I’d seen a post saying that if they stop the roaming and restart it it sorts out the issue.  After I had navigated the annoying automated answer maze Steven spoke to a very helpful lady in Wales, who at his suggestion turned the roaming off and on again and hey presto we had life.

I had a Skype call about some possible training work which I have been approved for and should kick off in October so as one door closed last week leaving my temp job for the last 9 months, it looks like the training door is being opened a little wider.  Good stuff!

We finally got on the road at midday after a leisurely, minimal stress morning and after about 30 mins we spotted a little artisan boulanger so quickly pulled over to purchase a fresh baguette and a couple of Pain au chocolat.

The drive down from Bourges to St. Flour was stunning and today we took the time to enjoy it aswell.  We stopped a few times to sit in the sun, or take photos of derelict castles or just to stretch our legs.


We arrived in St. Flour just before 6pm and we’re parked up at the foot of the hill town, next to a stream and Steven has just gone to feed a cute puddy cat some ham!!!