Vichy was a beautiful city with lots of art deco buildings and cafes, plus a very early art deco cathedral.  They also have naturally carbonated spring water bubbling in the town which I didn’t realise until I tried some and it was quite a shock to the senses (good shock though).  The Opera house also had a very impressive gold interior and the whole town had a lovely feel about it.  Of course it is also known as one of the top Spa resorts and this is where top atheletes, models, celebrities come to chill out and recover from their strenuous lives.

From Vichy we headed to Digoin, a little village with a great aire overlooking the Loire, this was just an overnight stop for us before we continued our hunt for the Champagne region.  Rouvray was another overnight stop in a little village with decent MH services.

Vendeuvre sur Barse was our next overnight stop on the aire in the town car park.  It was lovely and quiet until about 8am the next morning when the local market started setting up all around us.  We moved about 9am with a little manoeuvring around the tables and stalls but everyone was very jovial and helpful so once we moved elsewhere in the car park we did some spending on the fruit, veg and meat stalls.  They also had one of the best bakeries around the corner – yum.