Sunday evening after Dachau was spent catching up with blog posts and generally relaxing – after all we had a very exciting day planned for Monday – we were off to the biggest motorhome dealer in Germany Der Freistaat.  Luckily it was just a few yards from where we parked up overnight at Sulzemoos.  They have over 500 motorhomes on site across 6 dealerships plus the accessories shop.  We have no desire to change our Ellie but even so it’s always worth a look just in case.  So it was we meandered around the site discounting van after van.  Rear bed – not for us, not an a-class – not for us, tiny seating area – that’s a no then, and then there was this Frankia.  A naughty little van right near the back of the lot and we fell in love a little (Steven did rather a lot).  It has loads of goodies like double floor, hose reels built in for all the water and waste, big battery and oodles of storage space.  If we were to change it would be to something like this but at €40,000 it was a bit more than we were looking to spend that day.

Instead we wandered about the accessories shop and I now have shiny new plates, cups and plastic glasses, a proper organisational holder for the glasses and a new cutlery draw organiser and they are all very lovely.  Also a useless toaster thingy which you have to start cooking the day before to actually make toast so won’t be recommending that anytime soon.

After a tiring morning of shopping and dreaming we headed back towards the Romantic Road stopping at a little village called Finning for the night.  It was in a restaurant car park which for a Monday night was very busy and clearly a local gem, so after looking at the menu and seeing it was on the expensive side we headed back to the van and had chicken curry!

Next day we followed the helpful “Romantische StraBe” brown signs and meandered our way through the changing countryside to Landsberg am Lech.  A beautiful town on the river with cobbled streets and a roaring weir.

One of the things I’ve noticed about Germany is they are a cash based society, throughout our tour we have rarely been able to use our credit cards except to pay for fuel.  None of the campsites have accepted cards and very few restaurants either.  If you are looking for a good exchange rate then I would start with the travel money calculator on MoneySavingExpert, it has never failed us.  I nearly always go for as I’ve been using them for years and they are quick and reliable.  If I’m ever in London then I will go direct to one of their counters but mainly I get it by post.  Always check who’s got the best rate though and who you feel most comfortable using.

Finally we ended up at a sleepy little village called Pieting.  Unfortunately the mosquito’s weren’t so sleepy and we ended up with about 8 of the little blighters in the van so our ankles and arms got pretty badly bitten and it took us 3 days to find and kill all the little bleeders.