Schillingsfürst was a fun stop on the way down the Romantic Road from Rothenberg and had a very large falconery centre with various raptors from around the world.  The pictures are the best way of describing our experience!

From there we continued to Dinkelsbühl where I finally found some suitable postcards to send back home.  This was a quick stopover with a quick walk into the town centre but it is probably worth more time as it was very pretty and the best since Rothenberg although maybe not as big.

After nearly 2 weeks of scorching weather we got to Nördlingen, parked up and then started to hear a constant rumble of thunder for nearly 2 hours.  It was a fantastic storm which really cleared the air and cooled everything down and had cleared by bedtime.  There seemed to be constant lightening all around us and the air was whipped into various states of frenzy by the wind and rain.

Next morning we woke up to cloudy skies but a nice temperature and after breakfast we headed into the walled town of Nördlingen where we stumbled on the 3rd CittaSlow festival which incorporated fantastic food and drink plus entertainment and is all about the pursuit of slow- something us motorhomers know all about!  We patiently waited after a very promising soundcheck of a Capella group consisting of 5 guys who turned out to be the nationally popular Viva Voce, unfortunately they didn’t come back on while we were there so after relaxing in the square we headed back to Ellie to continue the journey.

Our idea was to stay at a swimming centre on the outskirts of Augsberg after stocking up on essentials, only problem was that everywhere was shut – seems that it was a public holiday in Bavaria on Saturday and the only places open were Cafe’s and Filling stations – oh and the wedding venues…

The swimming centre didn’t seem that great so we headed into the centre of Augsberg to the Stallplatz there which was close to the city centre and right by the river.  After a little walk around the neighbourhood we had some food and then the thunder started, only this time rather than only a couple of hours of rain, it continued all night long in varying degree’s of heaviness. At least the sound of the rain mainly drowned out the disco coming from the nearby wedding party.

It was still raining in the morning so our proposed cycle ride and wander around Maximillian Strabe turned into a drive into town and mad dash around under umbrella’s.  On the plus side we found a magnificent cake shop and cafe where we drooled over the vast array of cake on offer until we chose just one each.