After leaving Eberbach we continued along the Castle route to Öhringen.  The stellplatz was next to the municipal swimming centre and after another hot day we headed in for a cool down.  This one had a really long slide which Steven went down at least three times and I made it down once after forgetting that I’m a bit scared of heights and getting to the top of the stairs with somewhat wobbly legs.

In the evening we wandered around the pretty little town centre, lots of ice cream shops, no WiFi, and a fantastic fun water feature where you can flood the path if you open the mini sluice gate too far!

Next morning after WiFi’ing at McDonalds in Öhringen we headed to Rothenburg ob der Tauber where the Castle and Romantic roads cross.  By now access to internet was becoming pretty desperate so I’d found a campsite which looked close to the town and mentioned WiFi on the website.

We did have a quick look at the Stellplatz in Rothenburg but it was busy and nowhere to park with any shade so we headed down the hill to the campsite.

First thing was to check out the internet connection which seemed pretty decent, and then get a nice pitch under a tree – both objectives achieved – tick.

Before setting up too much though we headed back up the hill for some supplies and I decided to cycle back down after taking a peek around the town while Steven headed back to the campsite to get caught up with work stuff.

The old town is enclosed by a high wall with access through arches & gates at various points, there is also a walkway around most of the top of the wall.  It is a very pretty town with classic Bavarian architecture, cobbled streets, toy shops, the obligatory Asian tourist’s en-masse and even a few Christmas shops – yes even at this time of year!

The cycle ride back down the hill was exhilarating and cooling even though the temperature was in the 30’s again.

When I got back to Ellie Steven had discovered the root of his MiFi issues and it looked very likely to be solved the next day…

Next morning in what we hoped was a cooler time Steven & I walked up the hill with our bikes and it was HOT… again! But with the promise of the fun ride back down we persevered. Outside the cathedral two guys were playing violin and double bass extraordinarily well and I got to listen to Vivaldi, Mozart and some Tango while Steven tracked down free Wifi and got the MiFi sorted – hurrah (big thanks to Adam at for his help).  The relief that lasted throughout the rest of the day was palpable.

I discovered my favourite shoes in their very own shop and with some new styles I couldn’t resist buying yet another pair of Birkenstocks.

The rest of the day we leisurely wandered around the old town and headed back down the hill about 4pm. There appeared to be a wine festival on but with several hours until it started and given the heat of the day we headed back to the camp site to our own little beer festival.