Verona is officially my favourite Italian city – possibly it’s my favourite city in the entire world actually but as I haven’t been everywhere I can’t be sure yet.

Last year was our first time there when I spotted that Ludovico Einaudi (an Italian pianist and composer) was playing at Arena de Verona – well I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit my beloved Italy and see my favourite pianist / composer at the same time.  We were not disappointed and the concert was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life with thunder and lightening adding to the atmosphere and music aswell as a fair amount of rain.

Of course another reason to visit Verona is a film (Letters to Juliet – a very cheesy romcom which I love of course) and as the home of Shakespeares’ Romeo & Juliet what better excuse do I need to go again.

We stayed at a very central Sosta on the west side of the city which was only €10 for the night – a bit different from the €170 per night we paid last year! The cycle ride into the centre was only 5 mins and we parked up near the Arena and wondered around.

In the evening we relaxed at the sosta and saw the best sight ever… a German couple clearly ready for the Opera that wearing full black tie and long dress got on their bikes and cycled off.  What a great idea!  We also saw the biggest van ever and it turns out it probably had a car hidden underneath aswell – not sure I would cope driving something like that through the narrow roads of the continent but I guess some people want a true home from home.