We have just come back from a great week in the Netherlands. One night sleep at home and back on the road to the Peterborough Motorhome Show.

Main objective apart from looking at masses of motorhomes that are way out of our price range was to buy a few goodies for the Ellie our motorhome.

Then show is one of the biggest of the year and luckily the nearest to where we live. The show is full of stands selling just about everything you ever need and even more that you don’t!

We bought new levelling blocks, a ground mat for outside the door and a new floor mat for the cab area. Oh, and numerous over priced ice creams.

Air Suspension

But the main reason for visiting was to investigate options for fitting air suspension bags to Ellie.

“Soggy Bottom” is a common issue for many motorhomes. The leaf suspension fails or droops and the body sits close to or straight on to the bump stops. Also with the original leaf suspension the stability of the ride (especially when cornering) is not great.

We had a sagging leaf spring on one side and if driving over a large bump we could often feel and hear the body hitting the dump stop.

Solution One

Have the original leaf springs removed, re-tensioned and refitted. One problem here is that on company were located near to where we live. Nearest was either London or Birmingham. Cost was approx £480 for both sides.

Solution Twoair-ride suspension

To have the bump stops removed and air bags fitted in their place. Cost approx £600 (approx £450 for just the parts). This would have the added benefit of a smoother ride and ability to level the rear of Ellie up and down by a few inches.

We found several places at the show selling the air suspension but only one that was fitted it at the show. They were also the cheapest! A cash discount was agreed and we had it fitted for £500.

It has not given me the smooth ride I was hoping for but has stiffened the ride and handling considerably. We can now drive around corners and round-abouts without feeling like Ellie is about to topple over. A great investment.