After 61000 miles and 15 years, our new motorhome has caused a few problems. But nothing too taxing and its all good to get to know our motorhome if things go wrong when on the road.

The Electric Step

After several days, the electric step suddenly stopped working. I found the 12v supply from the battery was connected through a choc-block. The insulation on the wire was clamped in thr block instead of the wire! Discovered this only after stripping the whole step mechanism apart!!!

Windscreen washer

Another item that stopped working. Discovered the connector on the pump was corroded. Removal and cleaning up the connector fixed the problem.

Fridge would not work on gas

Again a few checks I found the 12v supply was not working. Traced the supply back to the 12v charger / controller. A 7.5A fuse which was intact (not blown) has some corrosion on the blade fuse. Swapping it with another and the fridge now works fine.

A small electrical multi-meter has been invaluable in fault finding the above problems and will definitely be part of the motorhome’s permanent tool kit.