One of our motorhome’s captains chairs was very difficult to rotate and turn around. Our seats are ASRI branded seats  (model 1000/518 rechts) and made by Isringhausen in Germany. Many German and European motorhomes have these seats. Our motorhome was built in 2006.

A checked all around the seat base and found the seat is attached into the base via one single bolt around which it rotates. Two nuts were found in a small gap under the seat and removed  (these two nuts are in a very small space and not easy to get to, so take some time). This enabled the seat top to lifted off the base.

Between the two sections is a large plastic disk which acts as a washer. This was covered is very sticky grease plus dust and hair. I cleaned both sections and the disk and applied new grease. General purpose grease is fine for this purpose.

The disc sits in a groove stamped in to the upper seat section. I used the adhesion of the grease to stick the cleaned disk into the groove and carefully lowered the seat top back onto the bolt in the base.

The nuts and washer were also sticky with grease so they were cleaned and the washer and first nut fitted back on. Finding the position of the lower nut takes some trial and error. Turn it to finger tight and sit on the seat ensuring it does not rock and as secure. Then tighten it a little more with a spanner but not so tight as the seat becomes difficult to turn again. Now with the lower nut in the right position, fit the upper nut and tighten it down on to the lower nut. You will need two same size spanners for this to hold the lower nut in position while you tighten the upper nut. This should stop both nuts from loosening as the chair is rotated.

Here’s (or should that be hair’s) some photos of the job. It took about 40mins in total to do the job on one seat.


2016-05-09 20.04.05

This is the rotation and controls of the seat.

2016-05-09 20.04.26

Top view of the seat

2016-05-09 20.06.08

View under the seat – with all the dust and hairs! We think the previous owners had a cat in the motorhome as the hairs we occasionally find are all very small and soft. Remove the two nuts you can see and the washer. You can clean out the dust and hairs later!

2016-03-19 16.21.36

The cleaned base section with the disc shown. In fact this was stuck to the groove in the seat base before fitting the seat back on.

Thats it… The seat now rotates easily and is nice and secure.