Overnight we had a bit of rain but otherwise slept very well on the mattress + memory foam and had a little lie-in.  It’s sunny today and not particularly warm so jumpers required.

Living in Ellie is fantastic, everything is so compact & accessible and the necessity to keep it tidy satisfies my tidy gene (unlike at home where Mr G leaves things everywhere!).  For some reason being in Ellie brings me a huge amount of joy and pride especially when I look around at all the little improvements Mr G has made (LED lighting in the dark cupboards, audio connection in the habitation area for watching DVD’s on the main sound system).  I especially enjoy my Chaise lounge for chilling out on – basically I pull the bench seat out enough for the rear cushion to drop down and put feet up on the dinette seats – lovely 🙂

Almere Haven is a modern town / village and as such I didn’t find it very pretty.  I believe that most of the land around there is reclaimed from the sea so hence it’s all very new.  I didn’t find it had much character either although I did like the little touches like a stream running through the streets and fountains here and there – obviously a theme here.