After a few weeks off from Ellie due to other holidays, waiting on parts and general other stuff, yesterday we packed up and headed out for the night.  We had to pick up a bargain spare leisure battery from Great Yarmouth so headed over there first and then down towards Lowestoft.  Found a few places for wild camping and settled on having dinner near the pitch & put and watched the sunset.  On a little walk we thought we had found a beautiful parking spot right on the beach but upon further investigation it was thwarted by a couple of padlocked bollards – oh for a good pair of bolt croppers!



After dinner and having sat in Ellie for a while we realised we were getting a bit rocked by the passing traffic so decided to head off and see where else might be good parking.

We headed up the coast towards Yarmouth, nearly getting stuck at Hopton where the satnav shows a through road but signage says there isn’t – in a car we would have headed up to test it out, but Ellie’s a little big for long distance back-tracking.

We decided on a spot at the north of Yarmouth, outside Seashore holiday park.  There’s signs saying no HGV’s, camping or trading, but we thought we’d give it a go and there was also another larger, but empty motorhome parked up so we took the risk of being moved on.

Yarmouth can be a bit of a boy racer area and I think there were a few that flew past us in the early hours but other than that it was a quiet night although as usual he was too hot and I was just about right under the duvet.

I’d set the alarm for 5.30 as Google had told me sunrise was 5.38 and on cue it woke us with a gentle lullaby of tinkling and wavy sounds.  Duly we got up and although it was a little cloudy on the horizon the sun peaked up above the clouds and gave us a spectacular show.  Sunrise and sunset never cease to amaze me.



After that we went back to bed and I probably slept better for a couple of hours than I had all night, funny how that happens.

This morning is lovely and warm, and we’ve had a great walk up and down the beach watching other people’s dogs chase stones in the water and now we’re off to ride the roller-coaster at the Pleasure beach – woo hoo!