Our first venture out. We travelled about 40 miles up to North Norfolk. A beautiful area called Salthouse. I used to spend alot of time here as a child and love the rugged dunes, beautiful scenery and simple landscape.

We found a National Trust car park right on the beach. The bylaws said no tents but nothing about motorhomes. By about 6pm about 4 other motorhomes had joined us.

We sat on the pebble beach, listened to the still sea gently caress the sand and watched the sun set. If this is what motorhoming is all about then I think we will be out every weekend!

Dinner was cooked and we settled in for the night.

Went to bed about 11pm. Jane forget to bring the duvet. We got back in our clothes as it was starting to cool down.

Bed has a knocking noise when ever anyone moved. This was resolved with the aid of a door wedge.

All in all a lovely start to our life as motorhomers.

More to come soon…