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Leaving the warm coast and heading north into rain…

Sunday 11th September – Nice to San Remo We left the campsite near Antibes and started to head around the coast towards San Remo stopping first at another of the ‘Beautiful villages of France’ called Sainte Agnes which was a fair way along a very winding and challenging road. This is a very pretty town with [...]

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Cote D’Azur – Cannes, Monaco & Nice

Tuesday 6th September - Cote D'Azur After settling into the campsite on the Cote D'Azur and deciding to stay for 4 nights we headed to Cannes for the afternoon on the train. Cannes is a pretty seaside town famous of course for the Cannes Film Festival.  We had driven through the outskirts last year but it [...]

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Verdon Gorges, Castellanne and down to the coast

Friday 2nd September - Towards Verdon From Reillanne we continued towards Digne Le Bains via Les Mees which has a very unusual rock formation and then on to Castellanne which is in the Verdon region and where we had heard there is a very good valley of gorges. Having been on the road for a couple [...]

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A Good Year in Beautiful Provence

Tuesday 30th August - Ancient Graffiti After a restful stopover we continued our journey towards Provence with a stop off at Pont Du Gard (another on our list of places to go and highly recommended by many people – thank you).  This is a 2000 year old aqueduct build by the Romans and still nearly fully [...]

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Dordogne to Provence via Rocamadour

Saturday 27th August - Rocamadour Today we continued our journey from Montvalent and ended up at Le Cave Grotto which is a big underground cave system.  Out of peak season it’s open from 10-12 and 2-5pm and it has a little electric train which takes you deep into the hillside.  It’s about 14 degrees in there [...]

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Enjoying the Dordogne

Tuesday 23rd August 2016 - waking up in a vineyard and heading to the Dordogne We awoke in our vineyard to blazing sunshine and more amazing views. We left by 10.30am so didn't spend much time here as the beauty of the Dordogne awaits but we would certainly go back. On our trip 2 years ago we ran out [...]

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Travelling down to the Dordogne

Saturday 20th August 2016 - travelling in France after the Eurotunnel This is the start of our new 5 week motorhome holiday. After the EuroTunnel at 2.30pm we drove in France for about 4 hours to an aire on the coast at Saint Valery en Caux. We arrived a little late at 5pm but the aire was already [...]

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Motorhome Tyre pressure guide

I was advised early on in my motorhome ownership that there's 3 things I need to keep an eye on... 1 - The condition of the fresh water tank. 2 - My leisure battery. 3 - My tyres. (for most motorhomers there may be a 4th which is the wine stock!) When we collected our current [...]

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Keeping cool in summer in your motorhome or camper

Today (Tuesday 19th July 2016) is the hottest day of the year so far. Here in the east of England its been 30ºC outside and here in my garden office its 36.1ºC. HOT HOT HOT!!! Here at home its easy to keep cool with mains power. But whilst on the road with mostly 12v DC, how [...]

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Cleaning oxidised fibreglass panels on a motorhome

Motorhome's generally have their exterior panels either made of painted aluminium sheets or most newer motorhomes use fibreglass (aka glass-reinforced plastic - GRP, or glass-fiber reinforced plastic - GFRP. Our motorhome exterior panels are made of fibreglass. All the side panels are nice and shiny but the front panels consisting of the engine compartment and the curved area above [...]

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