Monet Garden

Looking in our Aires books didn't give us any options near to Giverny or around the north west of Paris. This also means little or no services. Luckily we had read that motorhomes can stop over night in the Monet car park so we arrived around 4pm and sure enough we found the area adjacent to the coach [...]

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Champagne in Champagne

Reims is the capital of the champagne region and doesn't it show it.  It has a beautiful gothic style cathedral and the town centre is filled with Tudor style wooden housing / shops of which quite a few are leaning in various directions.  Reims was beautiful even in the rain and we had a lovely wander around [...]

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Vichy, Digoin, Rouvray & Vendeuvre sur Barse

Vichy was a beautiful city with lots of art deco buildings and cafes, plus a very early art deco cathedral.  They also have naturally carbonated spring water bubbling in the town which I didn't realise until I tried some and it was quite a shock to the senses (good shock though).  The Opera house also had [...]

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Toulouse, Gaillac, Rodez & Brioude

Toulouse is the home of AirBus and also the European Space Agency so we headed to the ESA for a visit.  They were very generous and let us look around the place - well the visitor centre anyway.  It was really interesting to see so much of the Soviet space race included there which you certainly [...]

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St Remy, Avignon, Cap d’adge & Carcassonne

St Remy de Provence was recommended to us so we headed through there, it is a stunning little village with a little market and plenty of art studios to peruse. Avignon was somewhere on my list - somewhere along the line I had it linked to Arthurian legend but can't for the life of me remember [...]

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Goats & French Bullfighting

Leaving St. Tropez we headed along the Cote d'azur a little longer enjoying the beautiful scenery in that area and wishing we could afford a small plot of land there.  The building planners in that area have done a fantastic job of packing lots of houses in without really noticing that they are there. Our stopover was in [...]

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San Remo, Monaco & St. Tropez

After the excitement of the Grand Prix we meandered our way towards the French Riviera via Acqua Terme which is an old spa town.  We stayed over on the local sosta / aire there and went to the spa in the town centre hotel the next morning - have to say it was very disappointing as [...]

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En route to Spain – Day 3

Today has been great, much more relaxed and lots more communication happening which is always helpful! This morning started with a phone call to Steven's mobile provider as his phone still wasn't working.  We'd tried to get through last night but they were just too busy and being an hour ahead here has it's uses.  Once [...]

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En route to Spain – Day 2

Mesnieres En Bray is one of the most beautiful villages I have ever come across.  It was also helped by the stunningly beautiful morning which we woke up to.  A bright, sunny, clear, warm but slightly autumnal morning which made me feel great to be alive.  After brekky we went for a stroll around the village, finding [...]

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En route to Spain – Day 1

Today was a long day, starting at 5.30am for Steven and about 7.30am for me.  Steven was up with the worms for his BNI networking group in Norwich and I couldn't resist the lure of another hour or so tucked up warm and comfy. Once I did get up that was it, full steam ahead (so [...]

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