More Chateaus and 24 Heures du Mans

Today we travelled further along the Loire valley. Following the river and glancing up at numerous splendid chateaus along the river. Having noticed a particularly big Castle from the main road we upset SatNav and did a little detour and stopped off for a couple of hours at Amboise. The centre of the town has a magnificent [...]

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Versaille – Wow, wow and a bit more wow

Up early, showered and breakfasted we journeyed towards Paris to spend the day at Versaille. This is a Unesco World Heritage site with massive ornate gardens, massive lakes, fountains, even bigger square hedges and a palace the size of errm, a Palace. We arrived around 10.30am. The sat nav showed there was an Aire nearby but [...]

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Free Aire and a rather quiet French village

Today we awoke to pouring rain on Ellie's roof and a small leak on a side window. The rain gave us time to plan the next few days. We decided to travel towards Paris to an Aire at Nogent Le Roi. We want to visit the Palace of Versailles and this Aire is about 50Km away [...]

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Dave and the hunt for water

We had a little lay in this morning on the Aire at Le Treport although Jane was up for her early morning view of the sunrise as usual. The question of where to go was a little restricted (in a good way) by our desire to meet up with Dave and his owners and after breakfast [...]

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Norwich to Le Treport via Brighton

Tonight we are under the stars in Northern France on our first adventure abroad in our trooper of a motorhome, Ellie. Thursday traveled from Norwich to Brighton the long way due to a big load of congestion on the M11 and a mighty 6 hours later (165 miles) we arrived in Rottingdean to visit a friend [...]

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