Leaving the warm coast and heading north into rain…

Sunday 11th September – Nice to San Remo We left the campsite near Antibes and started to head around the coast towards San Remo stopping first at another of the ‘Beautiful villages of France’ called Sainte Agnes which was a fair way along a very winding and challenging road. This is a very pretty town with [...]

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San Remo, Monaco & St. Tropez

After the excitement of the Grand Prix we meandered our way towards the French Riviera via Acqua Terme which is an old spa town.  We stayed over on the local sosta / aire there and went to the spa in the town centre hotel the next morning - have to say it was very disappointing as [...]

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Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza

I love Formula 1 and watch every race I can. But I've never been to an actual race. Jane has been to the British Grand Prix a couple of times on Corporate VIP tickets. So when we looked at our planned route and realised the Italian Grand Prix was happening close to when we would be [...]

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Lake Maggiore & Isola Bella

We have now moved North to Lago di Verese. We didn't intend to stop here and had previously found a free Sosta in Soragna. We arrived in Soragna and found just one other motorhome camped up. It was a hot evening and we were hungry. Its Sunday evening and the village is mostly shut but a pizzeria is just [...]

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Carpi, Ferrari and meeting new friends

Verona was hot but hotter was still to come as we headed further south onto the plains just north of the Tuscan mountains.  We stopped at Carpi which was a free stopover and had full services and was conveniently on the way to Modena and Maranello (home of Ferrari). When we pulled up we spotted a UK [...]

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Verona is officially my favourite Italian city - possibly it's my favourite city in the entire world actually but as I haven't been everywhere I can't be sure yet. Last year was our first time there when I spotted that Ludovico Einaudi (an Italian pianist and composer) was playing at Arena de Verona - well I [...]

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Lake Garda

While the border crossings aren't obvious one thing that does change is fuel prices so doing some research we knew that Italy was more expensive than Austria, so before we crossed the border we made one last fill up at €1.129 per litre.  The first petrol station in Italy had a price of €1.459 so that's [...]

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