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Motorhome Tyre pressure guide

I was advised early on in my motorhome ownership that there's 3 things I need to keep an eye on... 1 - The condition of the fresh water tank. 2 - My leisure battery. 3 - My tyres. (for most motorhomers there may be a 4th which is the wine stock!) When we collected our current [...]

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Keeping cool in summer in your motorhome or camper

Today (Tuesday 19th July 2016) is the hottest day of the year so far. Here in the east of England its been 30ºC outside and here in my garden office its 36.1ºC. HOT HOT HOT!!! Here at home its easy to keep cool with mains power. But whilst on the road with mostly 12v DC, how [...]

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Greasing / lubricating an AL-KO rear chassis on a motorhome

Our Frankia motorhome is based on an AL-KO rear chassis which is bolted on to the the front of a Fiat Ducato commercial van chassis. This a very common setup for motorhomes. Ours was built in 2006 and the ALKO rear axles need to be lubricated every 20,000km (approx 12500 miles) or annually which ever comes [...]

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Changing the table in our motorhome

When we bought our new-to-us Frankia motorhome at the end of 2015 the dining table seemed to be a nuisance. It was too large for just the two of us. It's was very adjustable being on rails on the floor and having further adjustment on the table top itself but it still kept getting in the [...]

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Importing a used Motorhome or campervan from Belgium to UK

The following applies to Belgium but a similar process will be equally applicable to other countries. We came across a Frankia motorhome in Germany when travelling through in August and it was the first we had seen for some time that was a suitable layout (for us). We weren't in the market to change so thought nothing more until [...]

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Motorhome Translations

Even if we don't speak the language, most of the time we can make ourselves understood... pointing, hand actions, noises, etc. But sometimes you just need the right words. Using Google Sheets (an online version of a spreadsheet program similar to Excel) I found a way to translate English phrases into multiple languages in one go. [...]

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The motorhome is now purchased

After a 3 month search we finally found our perfect motorhome. She is a Burstner i572 Elegance. We have called her Ellie. Found via ebay, she is a 1998 model based on a Fiat Ducato chassis. She is a left hand drive and in very very good condition. Here's a few facts about Ellie: Manufactured in [...]

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