Motorhome Maintenance

Cleaning oxidised fibreglass panels on a motorhome

Motorhome's generally have their exterior panels either made of painted aluminium sheets or most newer motorhomes use fibreglass (aka glass-reinforced plastic - GRP, or glass-fiber reinforced plastic - GFRP. Our motorhome exterior panels are made of fibreglass. All the side panels are nice and shiny but the front panels consisting of the engine compartment and the curved area above [...]

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Replacing the gas struts on a Heki 2 roof light

The Heki roof light on the motorhome would not stay up very well and a bit of wind would blow it shut. I looked to remove the gas struts thinking they may have failed. Removing is easy. On the white frame there is a white rubber plug that hides the securing pin. The rubber plug is [...]

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How to install a SOG toilet to a motorhome

If you have a motorhome, caravan or campervan then you probably have a toilet on board where the waste goes into a cassette. The cassette normally contains a toilet fluid (often blue or green in colour) which is designed to break down the solids, and eliminate any bad smells. Some people use Bio washing liquid as [...]

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Refillable LPG Gas Adaptors

We recently fitted refillable LPG tanks to our motorhome. It's a great product and will quickly pay for itself. We spend most of our motorhome trips abroad so we also bought the set of LPG adaptors because different countries have different fitments. The EU has tried to standardise this but its hasn't been taken up very [...]

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Fitting an external gas BBQ point to our motorhome

We love to eat outside and I love a BBQ. We have a small Safari Chef BBQ and when used I had to move the gas connections around to use it which was not ideal. I bought a new Bullfinch external gas point from Amazon. This will be fitted into the existing gas line in the [...]

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Lubricating a stiff captains chair

One of our motorhome's captains chairs was very difficult to rotate and turn around. Our seats are ASRI branded seats  (model 1000/518 rechts) and made by Isringhausen in Germany. Many German and European motorhomes have these seats. Our motorhome was built in 2006. A checked all around the seat base and found the seat is attached [...]

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Resealing a leaking motorhome, campervan or caravan window

The following is for a Seitz / Dometic S4/S5 window but the procedure will be similar for other window types and even skylights. The same procedure is relevant for sealing caravan windows. Leaking windows and sky lights can be a problem on motorhomes and campervans and are often the main source of damp problems. This same [...]

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Winterising your motorhome

Most of us spend a lot of money on our motorhomes and wish to look after them the best we can. Many people use their motorhome throughout the year or drive to the warm south to Spain or Portugal for the winter. But for many others who perhaps are not retired or full-timing, they need to [...]

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12v Battery Voltages

What should your battery voltage read? Sometimes I just find these things and make a blog post for my own reference! But also know if its of interest to me then it will be of interest to others. We recently fitted a new leisure battery to our van. The old one was over 6 years old [...]

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Dometic fridge not working on gas

The following is for my Dometic (early models may be branded Electrolux) C40/110 RM4401 3 way motorhome fridge fitted in our van in 1998 but will be relevant to many other earlier and later fridges. Important: If you are not confident working with electrics and gas piping/burners then please seek the help of a gas registered [...]

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