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Motorhome Wifi – extending wifi from outside into your motorhome

I am a web designer with a background in IT and electronic engineering. I love the challenge of making or inventing little (and sometimes big) improvements to my motorhome. As a web designer I need regular internet access. We don't often stay on camp sites and often use FON or other free wifi connections. Often these [...]

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Saving your valuable data allowance

When we are away on using wifi the amount of data used is inconsequential. But if you are using a mobile data card you will have probably purchased a set allowance to be consumed over a set period of days or months. How to keep your data usage to a minimum? Turn off the automatic Windows [...]

By | August 13th, 2015|Categories: Internet & Voice|1 Comment

Internet access on the move

I run an internet business so daily internet access whilst travelling is vital. There are numerous ways to find internet access: Wifi on campsites - sometimes free (we like free!). Some camp sites charge an extra fee for wifi on a daily or weekly basis. And some are free. Because wifi access is crucial (and I'm [...]

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Mobile Data Speeds

Ever wondered what those data speed symbols mean on your mobile or mifi device? Getting a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial when working away from home. Typically the stronger the signal the faster and more reliable connection you should expect. 4G/LTE speeds are not available in all areas. All speeds are dependent upon signal [...]

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