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En route to Spain – Day 3

Today has been great, much more relaxed and lots more communication happening which is always helpful! This morning started with a phone call to Steven's mobile provider as his phone still wasn't working.  We'd tried to get through last night but they were just too busy and being an hour ahead here has it's uses.  Once [...]

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En route to Spain – Day 2

Mesnieres En Bray is one of the most beautiful villages I have ever come across.  It was also helped by the stunningly beautiful morning which we woke up to.  A bright, sunny, clear, warm but slightly autumnal morning which made me feel great to be alive.  After brekky we went for a stroll around the village, finding [...]

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En route to Spain – Day 1

Today was a long day, starting at 5.30am for Steven and about 7.30am for me.  Steven was up with the worms for his BNI networking group in Norwich and I couldn't resist the lure of another hour or so tucked up warm and comfy. Once I did get up that was it, full steam ahead (so [...]

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Amersfoort & Vianen Aire

Today we decided to head closer to Keukenhof and found a nice looking aire in Vianen in the Camperstops book. On the way we stopped at Amersfoort which is an ancient walled city.  We circled around the outside in Ellie looking for somewhere to park and found somewhere just a 100 yards or so from one [...]

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Fields of gold

Today was our first day searching for tulips and we came across some beauties.  We headed out from Almere Haven and drove along the edge of the Markermeer with some fantastic views over the water and lots of marshland with cattle grazing and plenty of wildlife. Before we went I found an article saying that Flevoland [...]

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A Lazy saturday morning in Almere Haven

Overnight we had a bit of rain but otherwise slept very well on the mattress + memory foam and had a little lie-in.  It's sunny today and not particularly warm so jumpers required. Living in Ellie is fantastic, everything is so compact & accessible and the necessity to keep it tidy satisfies my tidy gene (unlike [...]

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A Dutch Adventure

After a very pleasant overnight sailing from Harwich to the Hoek of Holland we started our day early with a lovely English brekkie before disembarking from the ferry.  Our general plan is to head towards Flavoland for a couple of days and then down to Keukenhof for the flower show on Tuesday as we've heard that [...]

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