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Fitting an external gas BBQ point to our motorhome

We love to eat outside and I love a BBQ. We have a small Safari Chef BBQ and when used I had to move the gas connections around to use it which was not ideal. I bought a new Bullfinch external gas point from Amazon. This will be fitted into the existing gas line in the [...]

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Lubricating a stiff captains chair

One of our motorhome's captains chairs was very difficult to rotate and turn around. Our seats are ASRI branded seats  (model 1000/518 rechts) and made by Isringhausen in Germany. Many German and European motorhomes have these seats. Our motorhome was built in 2006. A checked all around the seat base and found the seat is attached [...]

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Changing the table in our motorhome

When we bought our new-to-us Frankia motorhome at the end of 2015 the dining table seemed to be a nuisance. It was too large for just the two of us. It's was very adjustable being on rails on the floor and having further adjustment on the table top itself but it still kept getting in the [...]

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Skiing in Samoens from our motorhome

Thursday afternoon we arrived at Le Giffre campsite in Samoens village.  It is a smallish campsite in the valley, with one side bordered by the river and the other by a road.  At the far end is a lake which you can walk around. The entrance of the site is about a 100m walk from the [...]

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Our journey down to Samoens

Monday 29th February We booked a late night tunnel crossing for 20.50. We love the Channel Tunnel. Its so easy and quick plus we can use Tesco vouchers to pay for it so is very cheap as well. Arriving at around 22.30 CET we had a free stop over in mind at Richebourg (50.580993N, 2.746402E). The [...]

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Resealing a leaking motorhome, campervan or caravan window

The following is for a Seitz / Dometic S4/S5 window but the procedure will be similar for other window types and even skylights. The same procedure is relevant for sealing caravan windows. Leaking windows and sky lights can be a problem on motorhomes and campervans and are often the main source of damp problems. This same [...]

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Importing a used Motorhome or campervan from Belgium to UK

The following applies to Belgium but a similar process will be equally applicable to other countries. We came across a Frankia motorhome in Germany when travelling through in August and it was the first we had seen for some time that was a suitable layout (for us). We weren't in the market to change so thought nothing more until [...]

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Winterising your motorhome

Most of us spend a lot of money on our motorhomes and wish to look after them the best we can. Many people use their motorhome throughout the year or drive to the warm south to Spain or Portugal for the winter. But for many others who perhaps are not retired or full-timing, they need to [...]

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Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza

I love Formula 1 and watch every race I can. But I've never been to an actual race. Jane has been to the British Grand Prix a couple of times on Corporate VIP tickets. So when we looked at our planned route and realised the Italian Grand Prix was happening close to when we would be [...]

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Lake Maggiore & Isola Bella

We have now moved North to Lago di Verese. We didn't intend to stop here and had previously found a free Sosta in Soragna. We arrived in Soragna and found just one other motorhome camped up. It was a hot evening and we were hungry. Its Sunday evening and the village is mostly shut but a pizzeria is just [...]

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