Motorhome Maintenance

Not so cold fridge!!!

When we were touring Spain in September 2014 we encountered some very hot weather. Apart from keeping cool, we found that the fridge was not working very well in 30+°C. A quick bit of research showed that in this kind of heat the heat extractor fins on the back of the fridge just cannot get the [...]

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Air Assisted Suspension

We have just come back from a great week in the Netherlands. One night sleep at home and back on the road to the Peterborough Motorhome Show. Main objective apart from looking at masses of motorhomes that are way out of our price range was to buy a few goodies for the Ellie our motorhome. Then [...]

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12v charger and control panel

The 12v charger/controller and the control panel has been sent off for repair. The 12v controller controls the battery charging (from mains and engine), leisure battery supply, engine battery. the control panel shows the battery conditions, water levels, temperature, etc. When we purchased the motorhome we knew parts of the control did not work, but nothing [...]

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Getting to know our new van

After 61000 miles and 15 years, our new motorhome has caused a few problems. But nothing too taxing and its all good to get to know our motorhome if things go wrong when on the road. The Electric Step After several days, the electric step suddenly stopped working. I found the 12v supply from the battery [...]

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